“Above the clouds”, is an exhibition of paintings by Iskra Beličanska at the Pentagonal Tower of the Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia

 Over The Clouds

The ever-changing clouds make us wonder what is real. They are there, but cannot be touched. They seem almost immaterial and yet we get soaked by the rain. Wherever we go, they follow. Day-dreaming can lift us above the clouds and that is what we see in the paintings of Iskra Beličanska. Nevertheless her imagination also reflects our actual world swarming with people who insist on re-inventing the wheel or selling us smoke-rings.

Iskra Beličanska’s exhibition in the Pentagonal Tower of Ljubljana Castle takes us high up among the vague, elusive and untouchable clouds which symbolise an unreal and unattainable ideal. To the artist the clouds are an inspiration which opens new dimensions to her imagination and her ever-present inquisitiveness.

This latest series of her work demonstrates a very clear trajectory both in her artistic ideas and her current thoughts about composition. Her paintings are a mosaic of recurring motifs which connect and continue throughout the painted surfaces. If the paintings were given a fast spin, moving figures would arise from the motionless two-dimensional canvases and thus static paintings would be transformed into dynamic ones which tell an unfinished story.

The creative world of Iskra Beličanska is full of adventure, colour and energy. It gives us a feeling of observing living and speaking images which possess a very personal and unique atmosphere. This is the essence of Iskra’s paintings. Just as a good portrait is not a mere reflection of a person’s appearance but also portrays an underlying personality, so Iskra Beličanska uncovers hidden layers of meaning with great subtlety and attention to detail. The variety of colour is a fundamental painter’s value and the artist unfolds before us a pallet of colourful figures which tell “unfinished” tales.

Jadranka Ljubočić